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 Greg's Place is a Recovery House situated in Hamilton Ohio (Butler County) . Our approach embodies 12-Step Recovery philosophy and utilizes responsible, affordable, safe, & structured methodologies to encourage the development of a strong foundation in Recovery. Accountability, Encouragement, and Peer support are fundamental.  Greg's Place Sober Living provides a foundation that is unparalleled in addiction recovery. 

Greg's Place adheres to "Ohio Recovery Housing" guidelines and is a member of and  Peer Reviewed by the  Greater Cincinnati Recovery Resource Collaborative. 

About Greg Cox



In 1989 Greg committed a crime that would send him to prison for 3 & 1/2 years. It was there that he made a first real and sincere attempt to consider sobriety as a way of life.
Somewhere inside, a spark of hope developed that would eventually help him to reconsider the value of his life and add purpose and meaning to it. His road to recovery began inside the walls of that prison, with the programs of N.A. and A.A. He acquired his G.E.D.and two years of college there and was valedictorian of his class. After his release, he graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Services, specializing in drug and alcohol counseling. Greg worked with hundreds of addicts over the course of 20 years. His no nonsense approach, with a loving spoonful of Tough Love helped and inspired countless men and women to the path of recovery. It is our opinion that Greg Cox exemplified recovery so strongly  that it was only natural that this house memorialize his life and recovery.

About the Director



Wes Leibrook is Director of Operations. Wes received Treatment in 1998 from Butler County Alcohol & Drug  Addiction Services Board (ADAS) , and later went on to serve  the ADAS board for 6 years. He has been an advocate for men, women, and children affected by alcohol and drug Addiction for years in Butler County. He remains entrenched in 12 step recovery and spends much of his time working individually with men in early recovery.“My dream has always been to affect men’s lives in a greater way. No greater thing than to be able to impact another life in a positive manner. “  says Wes. Along with his other duties Wes currently serves as House Manager.

About Greg's Place

Reminisant of the amazing German construction that build Hamilton through the early 1900's.

Bricks & Mortar

The idea of Greg's Place was born in 1982 when a young Wes Leibrook contemplated what it would be like to some day build a 12 based treatment center. Many years later during the foreclosure crisis the talents of two of God's servants were provided with the means to purchase and rehab this structure and renovate it to open what is today Greg's Place. God took that original dream and turned it into what the world most needs today in relationship to the substance abuse crisis, Sober Living.  The structure is a 4 apartment building which was probably occupied by an executive of Champion Paper Mill once upon a time.  It is a beautiful home and was brought into full compliance of all state and local codes during the renovation. Tremendous pride and care were sewn into this building that now supports miraculous results. 


Dormitory Style living

Typically there are 2 men per unit. You are provided a dresser and closet space for storage typical of Sober Living. 


New Kitchens and Baths

Most of the units have new kitchens and baths. The house is very clean and maintained above the highest standards in any halfway house..


High Efficiency AC and tankless water heaters

High efficiency A/C and tankless hot water providing comfort. 

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